Welcome to Whitetail Heaven!

If you enjoy seeing and hunting big bucks, then Whitetail Dreams and Halls Creek is where you want to be! We've been managing our herd for almost 20 years. Our goal here is to provide the most natural and exciting whitetail hunts for the biggest deer possible. Plan on seeing bucks making scrapes, rubbing trees, chasing does, and if you’re lucky, you may even see a knock down drag out fight between two mature animals. 

In the last 10 years we have harvested more huge whitetails than almost any other ranch. We have taken sevreal over 400, over 40 whitetails over 300, and countless whitetails over the elusive 200 inch mark. In 2012, our top bucks averaged right at the 240 inch mark! We have also taken many nice Bulls and Stags with 3 bulls over 500 and 43 Bulls over 400. We are working on posting the pictures from the last few seasons in our new photo gallery. We hold many SCI records and have won numerous awards for both the the quality of our hunting and the quality of the trophies taken.

We have 2 beautiful large hunting areas that have to be seen to be believed. The first area called Whitetail Dreams is the result of over 20 years of selective breeding with the goal of producing the widest, tallest, most massive typicals anywhere! These deer are usually well over 25 inches inside with some over 30 inches! The beams are long, the tines are long, and the mass is incredible. Some will have lots of extras but all of them are bred to have huge awesome frames. When you see one of these mature bucks, your heart will race and you will be reaching for your rifle. These deer will score from 180 to over 400 inches. The hunts in this area will be very limited with only the biggest mature bucks being taken each year. These hunts are priced individually so give us a call for more information on this exciting area.

Our original area we call Halls Creek is also producing some incredible deer. The genetics in this area are the top of the line and geared to produce inches and all the extras that go with it. Drop tines, kickers, flyers, and all the cool stuff that deer produce can be found here. Chances are if you want to hunt a specific type of whitetail deer, we can find it, and have the time of your life in the process!

Between both ranches we have about 15 fully enclosed stands and about 40 bow stands so that we can try to hunt almost every good area and move around so that we only apply light pressure to those smart older bucks. We promote the concept of "high-fence - fair chase" and offer the best in North America!

Along with a great food source we have a genetic program which is second to none. Each fall we artificially inseminate and naturally breed does to bucks that are from 300 to over 600 inches. These does have 300-500 plus inch backgrounds several generations back and are the foundation of our genetics. We have a tag and release program on buck fawns every winter to promote great genetics within our herd. Our goal is to grow some of the biggest bucks in the world, and do it in the least amount of time so that we can all enjoy the rewards of hunting those great animals.

Whitetail Dreams is now under new ownership. Brothers Buck and Hugh Sanderson have taken over the reigns and through thier new partnership with Sam are dedicated to providing the best Whitetail hunts on the planet. All of us at Whitetail Dreams have a love affair with the whitetail deer and the ranches they roam on. We all love to talk about huge bucks and bulls and make new friends who have those same interests. We didn’t build these ranches to see how many hunts we can run through them. We are more interested in providing the best hunt possible to a few repeat customers at a fair price.

I know it won’t take long to fill all the spots we have open for this coming fall and winter. We certainly look forward to seeing you again and hunting with you!

Good Hunting! - Sam, Buck, Hugh, and all the gang!

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