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Booking a Hunt At Foggy Bottom Whitetail Ranch

2019 (KANSAS)

To book at hunt at Foggy Bottom Whitetail please call or text (texting is best) Sam at 573-590-1459. A non-refundable deposit will hold your dates. A deposit can be paid by check, credit card, or bank transfer. October and November fill up fast so please book early.

Prices are determined by SCI gross scores. All of our hunts are guided and all hunters will be told what the maximum price is that they will pay for the hunt. There are no surprises and no up charges.

Normal Trophy Pricing:

The Trophy hunt is any deer up to 200 gross SCI. These deer are usually 171-200+. This hunt is $6,500.

The Bronze Hunt is any deer from 201 to 250+. This hunt is $8,500.

The Silver Hunt includes deer from 251 up to 300. This hunt is $10,500.

With the demand for typical deer rising every year, we also reserve the right to price any deer individually and super clean, huge frame deer can be priced with a premium added in. For example a 190 inch 8 point or 220 inch 10 point with very little extras may be priced as high as a 250. Like-wise a super trashy 300 or uneven deer may be discounted down similar to a 200. We always have a few of those type deer running around. The guides will always let you know about those deer before you take one.

We also have hunts that are designed for kids and available as an add on to all other hunts. These hunts are called Management Hunts and are for a deer up to 170 SCI. These deer are usually 120 to 170. This hunt price varies depending on size and the animal hunted but is usually $1,500 to $4,500. These deer are usually gone by early October.

We love to see the families come out and hunt and try to make it a great place to bring the whole gang! So ask about any family packages. We are growing our new Kansas herd in 2019 but may have some doe hunts as soon as 2020.

Although we can customize any hunt we mainly offer 3 hunts each week of our season. These hunts are 2 full days of hunting with 2 morning and 2 evening hunts. For longer hunts we simply put 2 hunts together. Early in the season we usually extend hunts out longer.
These hunts are fully guided. If a hunter chooses to use a bow, then he may hunt alone and will be responsible for judging the deer he/she takes. Otherwise the guides will judge all the deer spotted on a hunt. If a guided calls a deer in a certain category, then that's the maximum the hunter will pay. There are no surprises. In 2019, we recommend bow hunters book from September 15th to October 1st. After October 1st we encourage you to bring a rifle. However, any hunter can use any weapon of their choosing at any time (bow, pistol, crossbow, muzzleloader, etc.).

We specialize in big pretty framed whitetail deer. Occasionally we will have a few huge bull elk and some red stags. These are priced at the beginning of each season and our prices are based on the years growing conditions. Just ask if you are interested in those species. We have taken elk over 500 inches.

If blood is drawn, then the animal is considered "taken by the hunter". We will do everything possible to help recover a wounded animal. Occasionally a hunter will have to leave without their trophy. We always guarantee they either get their trophy or their money credited toward another hunt (minus $1,500 for the current hunt). We usually find them within a few days after they leave.


We will consider group discounts on groups of 4 or more booked together.

We will also offer "Return hunter" discounts. If you have hunted with us before, you get a discount.

We offer Father/son/daughter or Mother/son/daughter discounts on kids under 18 when hunting deer over 170. Ask about those discounts in advance.

Exclusive bow hunts are offered early in the year during the month of September. Just text Sam to ask about the details (573-590-1459).

The price of all hunts includes all taxes, licenses, lodging, skinning, de-boning, caping, and all meals. Just get here, bring a cooler for your meat or donate it to a local charity, and tip the people that go the extra mile to make your hunt the best ever!

Extra Charges:

We can provide pickup and drop off at the Kansas City Airport (42 miles) The charge is $150 each way for a truck or van no matter how many hunters we take.

Non-hunters are welcome as long as there is room. A slight charge of $50/non-hunter/day may be added to the price to cover room and board and meals.


Deposits are $1,500 per person for hunts up to 200 and $2,500/person on all other hunts.

When booking a hunt, dates are held for 1 week for the deposit to be received. Deposits can be transferred or pushed to another date with 30 days prior notification. However they are all non-refundable and forfieted if we are not notified 30 days in advance. You can use a personal check, credit card, or bank transfer for deposits and final balances (3% added for credit card). All we need is an email and we will send you an invoice that can be paid using your credit card or bank transfer.

Free Range Hunting:

Since Kansas is probably the best free range hunting in the country, we are offering a limited number of free range bow hunts for 2019. These are very limited and will be on property that is bow only. These hunts will start the last week of October and run through the rut. These hunts are 5 days with lodging, snacks, transportation, and an evening meal. Text or call Sam to ask about these exclusive hunts. Pricing is $3,500.

Other Species to Hunt and Other Activities:

We are partnered with Muddy Creek Whitetails and offer several other species to hunt at thier preserve including sheep, fallow, Red Deer, and Elk. They also offer some of the best Pheasant Hunting anywhere. Lake Perry is within 2 miles of our Ranch and offers boating, fishing, duck hunting, and lots of lake activities.

Good Luck and Good hunting in 2019!


Foggy Bottom Whitetail Ranch is Located in North East Kansas and is
Home to the Best Whitetail Deer Hunting in the World!

This Falls Hunting Season is Looking VERY Good!

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